Workstation Exercise

Workstation Exercises

1.Sit on a chair by using opposite hand tilt the head towards the shoulder and count for 10 and repeat on another side.

2.Tilt your neck diagonally forward to either side and press forward with hand, feeling the stretch at the back of the neck

3.Fold each hand at elbow & touch back with palm. Using the other hand press just above the elbow, feeling the upper arm stretch

4.Raise your hand to shoulder level, palming facing up. Gently push the fingers towards the body with the help of the other palm/fingers, feeling the forearm stretch

5.Sit on a chair and twist your upper body one side at a time holding the lower back of the chair, feeling sides of your back stretch

6.Sit on a chair, bend forward to 45 deg crossing your hands in front of you, feeling your back stretch

7.Sit on a chair, crossing one leg over the other such that the ankle of leg rests on the knee of the other leg. Bend forward trying to touch the ground/heel. Repeat with other leg

8.Raise your hand to shoulder level, facing your palm outwards, fan out your fingers and push one finger at a time towards your body feeling the stretch between each finger

9.Raise your hand to shoulder level, palm facing up. Place the other below and slowly push the thumb towards your body feeling the stretch