Dear Dr MohitDr. Mohit has

Dear Dr Mohit

Dr. Mohit has given some feedback based on my inputs on the RSI survey and also his supervision on my work place.
Based on his recommendation I have got the footrest which is helping me. He is still working to get the my other RSI related problems

Sadvilkar, Sandeep

Dear Dr AsifI had a

Dear Dr Asif

I had a 30 min session with Dr Ashif today regarding the Ergonomic evaluation and feedback.
Dr Ashaf was quick to study my posture and understand/explain the potential threat of problems due to continued practice of wrong postures. He has given me some constructive feedback on the changes to be made. I felt the session was very useful to me.
Having such timely direction/feedback would definitely make an impacting effect on individuals health and productivity in long run.

Srinivas, Srimathi

Don’t Miss It

Dear Dr Mohit & Dr Asif

I really thank them both for their valuable feedback.

They went into the root cause of the pain observing my unconscious posture patterns and my working habits.
This helped me correct my posture, thereby avoiding serious injury to my muscles. Posture observation over a time coupled with feedback based on medical analysis is what they offer you!! Don’t miss it.

Keep good Posture. Enjoy your work.

Praveen B

What needs to be done has been very good

Thanks a lot for understanding the problems that I was facing and giving me solutions for the same.

Last few months I was having pain in my heel of the right leg and I was ignoring thinking it will become alright. Of late when it became severe I was planning to visit a doctor.

Your diagnosis of the same and suggestions on what needs to be done has been very good. I liked the way you explained what was happening which was causing this problem. I have been following your suggestion and things have improved drastically. The pain has reduced a lot and I am confident as I continue my exercises it will vanish.

Also you suggested corrections to my walking and working postures. I am trying to follow these things as well. Overall I am grateful to your close attention to the problems and giving the right suggestions to overcome them.

Please convey my thanks and appreciation to your colleague Dr Asif as well. I wish you all the very best in your research work!