Limb Exercise

Lower Limb Exercises

1.Knee to Chest Stretch: Lying flat on the ground, bend your knees and heels flat against the ground. Place both hands on knee and push toward chest. Hold for 10 counts.

2.Cross left leg over right knee. Clasp hands behind bottom leg. Pull both legs towards chest. Repeat with opposite leg. (Stretch should be felt in buttocks of crossed leg).

3.Sit on the floor. Bend both knees, bring the soles of your feet together, and press your knees to floor until you feel a stretch in your inner thigh.

4.Sit on the ground with one leg crossed and other leg straight and extended forward with feet upright. Place the hands on the ankle or toes.

5.Quadriceps stretch:, hold the top of your left foot with your left hand and gently pull your heel towards buttock. The knee bends at natural angle when you hold your foot with the opposite hand.

6.Calf stretch: Step one leg forward and bend, leaving the other leg straight behind you. Slowly move your hip forward until you feel a stretch in the calf of your straight leg.

7.Isometric Quadricep exercise: Place a rolled hand towel below kneel & tighten the thigh muscle tightly as possible and hold.

8.Isometric VMO exercise: Place a rolled towel between knees, press inwards and hold

9.SLR exercise: Lie down straight, lift one leg at 45 degrees alternatively both legs. For Beginners no weight required

10.Reverse SLR Lying on your stomach, lift alternatively both legs at 45 degrees & hold for 10 seconds.

11.Lying on your stomach, bend leg at knee and bring down.10 reps

12.Lying sideways, lift one leg at 45 degrees.

13.Lying sideways, lift upper leg, and then lift lower leg touching the upper leg.

14.Sit up on a stool, lift leg up, parallel to the ground, hold for 10 counts

15.Step one step forward, bend both the knees at 90 degrees keeping front leg parallel to the ground and back straight.

16.Spread legs shoulder width, bend hip at 90 degrees and thighs parallel to ground keeping back straight.